Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Random Rant

Religion - at it's best- is an answer to a question, that's already been answered. It has outlived it's usefulness, it no longer serves any purpose, it does more harm than good. Statistically the less Religious a society is, the more successful, advanced, and developed it tends to be, not to even mention all the violence and killing in God's name. Science has filled in the void that Religion used to, and does a better job at it! The more we learn about the universe, the more we see how wrong Religion is, the vast majority of scientists, doctors, physicists etc. are atheists.

Religion was born out of pure ignorance, and has evolved into a monster, it's costed thousands of years of wasted focus, eight-year olds today know more about nature, the universe, and science than the biggest scholars knew just a few hundred years ago. Just imagine if all the effort that went into writing books over the last few thousand years bisecting and dissecting every aspect of religious belief, was instead spent on understanding our beautiful universe, how different would our world be today?

The Bible is packed with inaccuracies, contradictions, inconsistencies, and fallacies, not to mention racism, homophobia, sexism, and violence. As an historical document, it doesn't match any other records, nor is there any evidence to back up it's claims. Today we pick and choose what we want to take literally and what not, and we explain away anything that doesn't fit our agenda.

It wasn't that long ago that Religion was the only way to explain all the things that science does so wonderfully today, yet millions of people still stubbornly cling to Religion, mostly out of sheer ignorance. Ask any five-year old, what do you do when you get a head-ache? You pop an aspirin. Well let's think about this for a minute, aspirin (or any other medicine) was discovered by doctors, and we accept it without doubt, yet when those same doctors tell us that we share between 97-99% of the same DNA with mice we laugh at them (I won't even mention the chimps). At what point do we choose not to believe what the doctors say? When I was a kid and we would to to go to the Museum of Natural History in NY, we would skip the areas covering human evolution, and dinosaurs, and instead go to the astronomy exhibits, and all the other animal galleries, or we would be told something silly like, "all the dinosaurs were killed in the Mabul". We trust the scientists, and biologists when they teach us about birds and fish, so why do we stop trusting them when they are talking about us?

I myself was once a firm believer in God, I would laugh at the notion that we share a common ancestor with modern apes. The earth is 4.5 billion years old? Ha! What a joke. I was ignorant, I had no frame of reference, I had never been to a science class, I had never read a book about evolution or the big bang, yet I mocked them. It's easy to laugh at these notions, if all you know is what you've been taught in Cheider and Yeshiva, but as I started to educate myself they became less and less laughable. It's too easy today to get information, through the web, books, documentaries and so on.

Believe me - once you have an understanding of nature, evolution and the universe, the silly fairy tales we were taught as a kid will seem like the joke they are.


Izgad said...

As Rabbi Abraham Heschel said: I stand between the religious fundamentalist, who says that all big questions have been answered, and the logical positivist, who says that all the big questions no longer have any meaning.

Science can tell us a lot about the universe but it cannot tell us about its purpose. It also cannot tell us what sort of ethical system to follow or even why one should have an ethical system to begin with. For that matter it can tell us little in the way of art or literature.

I would argue that the connection between secularism and modernity has less to do with society advancing. As the Bible warned us there is a danger when things are good to say that ones strength and the might of ones hands made this victory. It is easy to be religious when you are poor and living in a human hell. You have little else to believe in.

I am in middle of doing a series of posts on history. One of the things I will be talking about is how the Scientific Revolution and much of the modern world came about as the result of early modern Christian apocalypticism.

Shaya Getzel said...

It's not science's job to give us purpose, or ethics, or art. We as human beings, invented these ideas. As for the Bibles self serving warning, if I where writing a bible, I'd say the same thing.

Anonymous said...

leave out the big bang reference from your post, it was created by a German preacher named George Lemaitre almost as religious doctrine trying to prove the first words of genesis correct, "in the beginning." It was wildly opposed at first mostly on grounds that it was religious doctrine, until the mid sixties when Arno Penzias discovered the "echo of the big bang." so I dont think you mean you were wrong to believe in religious doctrines like the big bang. truth is you probably shouldn't believe in it. Einstein's static model makes more sense. Thats a nice religion disproving theory. I mean it happens that he was wrong, but at least he wasnt biased by religon.