Friday, December 6, 2013

Tell Me How You Really Feel

I do a lot of interviews, and naturally I weigh what I say in public, so much of what I say may be repetitive if you've seen, read or heard me in a few of them. Recently I did an Podcast interview that went a little differently... I got home after a long day, and I decided to unwind with a few beers. I knew I was about to go on tape, but chose to imbibe anyways. The result is one of the most candid and revealing interviews I've ever done. The term "interview" is a misnomer in this case, it was more like a monologue. If you have any interest in me, my journey or what makes people like me tick, I would highly recommend this podcast. Beware though, the hosts challenged me to sprinkle my sentences with profanity, and I obliged. A lot. That, and the beer loosened my usual firm grip on language. So hide the kiddies, grab a beer, and enjoy!

P.S. Halfway through the interview, I realized that I was on the wrong wifi channel at home, which made the sound less than perfect, so if the audio is irritating, hang in there, it gets much better in the second part.



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